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First and foremost, Welcome!  If you have reached this post, perhaps you are researching alternative health options or looking to learn more about CBD, Curcumin and other highly bio-available health and wellness products.

Exactly what is holistic health and why do some people choose this option to treat whatever ailment they might be suffering from? Well, holistic health is a "form of healing that considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit, and emotions - in the quest for optimal health and wellness."  Personally, I chose a holistic health option for myself with Bio because it offered me exactly what I needed.  

The mission is simple: "to help people improve the health of all areas of their life, from their overall wellness to their financial security.  I needed to take something other than prescription meds and pills to combat the secondary effects that came about as a result of my nephrectomy and craniotomy.  I also had not gone back to work since my brain surgery years back, so the financial opportunity to earn extra income as an affiliate was a welcome one.  I only have one kidney, so it was (and is important) not to jeopardize my health with any side effects of putting chemicals or pills into my body.  

Why do some people turn to Holistic Approach? 

Often times, people are just looking for something natural to put their body back in homeostasis (balance,) especially if they have been through medical issues before or suffered any kind of trauma. We all know that although medications can be very effective as a treatment, but they almost always come with side effects.  A holistic approach helps to heal in a more natural way.  It helps get to the root cause and not just put a band aid on the problem. When our bodies are in homeostasis, everything just functions better - mind, body & soul. Homeostasis in laymen terms is "a state of balance among all the body systems needed for the body to survive and function correctly."  

I started out initially taking CBD as a way to find relief from my barometer headaches after my brain surgery.  Then I learned more about the other wellness supplements they offered and I learned about the rapid-cell technology behind Bio and its products. The more I researched and learned the science and technology behind it, the more I knew it was for me. Science and absorption make a huge difference, when it comes to health and wellness supplements! 

Why did I choose this particular company to partner with?

Well, because Bio has developed an amazing water-based nutrient-delivery system that increases the absorption of low bio-availability molecules and their products are based on rapid-cell technology - (which helps your body absorb hydrophobic, low-bioavailability nutrients before digestion even begins. 

For example, something like Curcumin is not easily dissolvable in water so when we take regular Curcumin it is no easily absorbed because our bodies are water-based.  When we take Curcumin regularly via an over-the-counter supplement or in a spice, our bodies can only use what remains after digestion. However, when you take Curcumin via a Bio supplement, whether it is the CBD, Vital IQ, BioDefense or any of their nutraceuticals, your body can use the rapid-cell technology to start absorbing immediately directly through your cells. You actually absorb it on a CELLULAR LEVEL!

The nutrient-delivery technology, offered at Bio optimizes bio-availability. What is the BioCX proprietary formula you ask?  "BioCx encases hydrophobic molecules inside a shell of water-attracting (hydrophilic) molecules. The host molecule helps deliver the guest molecule to your body on a cellular level, which means better, faster absorption."

A holistic approach is not a cure-all, it is an alternative option to try to be healthy. If you have the choice of taking natural supplements that may help you versus things that have chemicals or may have secondary effects, wouldn't you choose natural? I did!   

If you would like to learn more or have any questions about any of the Bio products, (all of which I use,) I would be happy to help.   You can email me at:

Healthy living is all about mind, body and soulRemember, you ALWAYS have the power: The power to be healthy, the power to be happy, the power to choose better days!

P.S. Below is a video for one of the Bio supplements, BioDefense and how it can help you with all the rapid changing viruses we are faced with in today's world. 

UPDATE:  BioDefense now comes in gummy form.



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