Friday, January 29, 2021



Whether you want to support your metabolism, build muscle, or manage your weight, you know that protein is the answer. But not all protein is the same - that’s why BioReigns created Protein GH, a flavored whey isolate protein powder with our exclusive nutrient-delivery technology, BioCx.


We also have the options of Almond Protein (Chocolate or Vanilla or our Vanilla Berry flavor Supergreens with ingredients like kale, spinach and wheatgrass but with a delicious taste.


What makes these powders an all of our products different?  Our BioCX formula -the "BioReigns proprietary complex technology that encases hydrophobic ingredients, increasing bio-availability and enhancing absorption into the body."

Go ahead and google some of the ingredients in our powders (ie: Ipamorelin.)

To learn more about which option protein powder you would like to choose, visit:  AFITPLACE.COM



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