Hi! I am Lissette and this is my blog: CBD Mommy Warrior - Choose Better Days.  As a living kidney donor and brain tumor survivor, I now have various ailments as a result of both those surgeries, (nephrectomy and craniotomy,) and have since developed symptoms of an auto-immune disease, which has lead me to try numerous health and wellness products.  I had always considered alternative health options, like CBD, but never actually took the leap, until my auto-immune disease became a serious issue and my migraines (after brain surgery) became unbearable.  Hence, my starting a CBD regimen.

There are many different products and health supplements available out there in the marketplace and everyone of them is different. I actually took CBD oil for two years before I learned about a NEW BIO-TECHNOLOGY and delivery system, that enables the body to absorb OIL-FREE CBD at a mucher higher rate.  That company, that has an exclusive BioCx technology, is BioReigns and it enhances absorption by delivering nutrients in water-dis-solvable complex.

With BioReigns, I found a company and products that truly work for me because the technology is different and effective! Theses products currently have the highest bio-availability on the market, so you are truly getting all the benefits of the CBD, and other products in their line. It truly makes me feel better and also provides me with an amazing opportunity for business as well as an opportunity to help others.

My mission with this blog and this company, is to help YOU learn to manifest abundance and get on the path to health, wealth, and freedom through This is a business that may not be for everyone. However, you do get the opportunity to work with people who also want to help others achieve optimal health, who desire more in their lives, and know they are meant for more. 

We get to work alongside people who want to create a more positive world for our children and grandchildren. It is not just an opportunity, it is a movement - a mindset. It is an opportunity to leave a legacy and work in a whole new way during these different times we are living.

In my opinion, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away!”   I help others to follow a path to healthy, happy living through CBD education, alternative health options, wellness coaching, and mindset motivation. 

I hope to show you just how powerful and helpful oil-free CBD can be, both for your health and as a home-based business. If you know me, or follow me on Facebook, you probably already know, I love network marketing and I love to promote a good product and if I can help people along the way, even better!  

One, it helps me feel better, so I can do better for myself and my family, live better and help others more effectively; and two, it is an amazing opportunity, financially-speaking, as a home-based business because it is such a booming industry with great quality products. I did extensive research on hemp and CBD and have read hundreds of testimonials and have seen time and time again, the amazing results it has on people’s health, as well as my own!

Now, a few personal disclaimers. I need you to know that in no way, shape or form, will I be giving medical advice or claiming a cure for anything. I will only be sharing testimonials, product information and personal experience. I also want to say that there are other companies I am still affiliated with, like my t-shirt company and my beauty products, but when it comes to health and wellness, I am fully-committed to sharing all the information I can on oil-free CBD and all other alternative health products that are completely natural.

Feel free to message me with any questions, email me at:

Remember: The Greatest Wealth is Health!

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