Tuesday, February 12, 2019

If you are here on this page trying to get information regarding CBD oil, you might have already noticed that this is a booming market and there are tons of CBD oil companies out there right now competing for your dollars.  
You may be asking, "What’s the difference between CBD oil and the hemp products I buy at the grocery store?" 
Well, hemp products sold in stores are most often made with hemp seed oil, which can contain only trace amounts of CBD. While it has been noted that hemp seed oil can be a great source of nutrition, its marginal quantity of CBD per weight makes it unfeasible as a CBD supplement. Hempworx's Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, however, is extracted from the stalk of specifically selected hemp cultivars, offering higher percentages of CBD by weight and additional nutritional benefits from the contents of our oil.
We also know that we provide you with quality products. Hempworx uses the highest quality raw materials and our products are produced with organic method.
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